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"Today the Internet has become an inseparable part of modern human life. People living in big cities seem to have almost can not live without internet. Many have concentrated their activities in cyberspace, ranging from mere talk (chat), activities friendship (myspace, facebook, and sites other social networking sites), until the serious activities: email, document collaboration, and net meetings. "
Internet access is also more readily available and mushrooming everywhere. Not only access at work and home lives, the current location of the location of public facilities also provide Internet access through WiFi connection is better known as Hot Spot. more and more electronic devices also support wireless connectivity to the virtual world like this. Not only the laptop, this time various types of mobile phone also supports WiFi connectivity. Believe it or not there is even a pocket camera, game consoles and portable digital multimedia player that can take advantage of Internet connections in a variety of available Hot spot where where.
Building a Personal Internet Hot Spot.

Trend is growing with the needs of mobile internet connectivity at home. It was not his time anymore to sit quietly in front of computer screens for work and play. With the tendency internet access and various devices that are in all areas, modern society requires individual hot spots in their homes.
In contrast to what most people believe. The process of building a personal hot spot at home is not complicated and not too expensive. All it takes is a broadband Internet connection such as DSL or cable internet like Fastnet and a wireless router and quality affordable.
The speed, ease and beauty.
Remarkable speed of the Linksys wireless N broadband router making it ideal for media centric applications. such as video streaming, gaming and VoIP phone.


With the reliability of the XPS document on windows vista, you can transform your document content item so that it can easily be seen and printed. Besides the text search function with a more secure protection and authentication with digital signature technology.
From it - it is, you can create a certain leafs documents with a consistent format and easy. XPS documents can be made from several applications and can be read with Internet exploler or another browser (if Microsoft XPS viewer is handled by the browser)
XPS documents can be used for:
• Users who need secure file sharing with people who do not have the original author of the application.
• Users who want to make certain leafs documents with non-content pages (such as webpage)
Workflow or business applications that require a file with fixed format, can be recorded and the output can be archived.

Basically, the XPS document is a document with pages created with a printer. In other words, he can also manage content such as electronic paper display.
XPS format displays the accuracy of the original source documents such as fonts and images. Because of this format illustrates the accuracy of the content, the XPS document does not contain scripts or macros. This raises our confidence in doing sharing or archiving your documents.
You can select the printer in the print dialog box to create this document. When the application has been available winFX in it, you'll be able to create, modify and manage the langsuung XPS documents from the application.


Exposé is a mac OS X applications are spread out all the windows open, so you can quickly choose between them. Now there is exposure to cloning application named myexpose vista. Not only that, this application is also open source, so you can develop if you want.
To install this application, you must run the setup and also the visual C + + Redistributable (if there is visual studio, no need). Once installed, press the F9 key and you will immediately see the title view. If you're meutar video, he would still run in view. If you move the mouse to the left corner of the screen, it will automatically spread out all the windows. You can configure the hotspot or the hotkey through the tray icon. There is one feature that is not owned myexpose from mac version is that it only menghampakan an application window open.
There's more exposure cloning called switcher. You may be familiar with it because it was long enough berdar. You can move from the title view (default) to dock view, which displays the current window bigger. Display the default settings that provide commonly used options, but you can open the advanced settings screen to change anything you want. The default shortcut key is the windows + tab, but you can change it if you want to change the other buttons.


If you right click the image on the internet through exploler Internet browser, then you will see a menu set as background on the pop-up menu that appears. Via this menu one can easily change the background wallpaper, or referred to as the old generation windows.
For those of you who do not want to change the background casually replaced by another user of these facilities want to be removed. So that your wish can come true, then you can change the wallpaper on your desktop with the menu, follow these steps:
1. Open any web page that contains an image or image file you have.
2. Right-click on the picture, select the menu set as background
3. Search exploler internet files wallpaper. Bmp which is located in C: \ users \ \ app data \ roaming \ microsoft \ internet exploler.
4. Right-click on the file and select Properties. Change the file attribute to read only by members uncheck the read only checkbox.
5. Now right click on the desktop and select personalize. On the desktop background menu, and then you click the browse button ...
6. Select an image file that will be used as the background screen, and then you click OK.

If you follow the above steps correctly, so from now when someone clicks on the menu to set as background exploler internet, it will display a message Access is denied and your wallpaper would be safe.


During this wallpaper always identical with the static image that does not move. Even if there's moving parts, can only be ascertained that the modified text of the html format or animated gif format image.
In windows vista, you will not experience such a fate. You can get great experience from windows vista wallpaper. Desktop in Vista can display video as wallpapernya. This feature given the windows dream scene.
To get the great experience the conditions you must have windows vista ultimate edition with the original hardware that contains graphics aero. To ensure this you can right-mouse click on desktop and select personalize.
In the personalization window, select the option window color and appearance and select the option open appereance classic clor properties for more options. Make sure the color scheme option you use windows aero option. Next, follow these steps:
1. Click start> all programs> extras and upgrades> windows ultimate extras
2. Make sure your computer to the Internet terkomeksi.
3. On the Windows Update window, click Check for updates
4. Give a check mark in the option windows dream scene preview and download updates from the Microsoft site.
5. After the dream scene windows downloaded and installed into the system, restart your windows.
6. To activate windows dream scene, right click the mouse on the desktop and select personalize. In the window select the option personalize your desktop background.
7. Reposition the location with windows dream scene content pack. Then select the video option is there and see the results on your desktop. Extraordinary is not it?

If you want to use another video file, you switch the location to live video or click browse to locate the video file on your hard drive.


Windows Vista is a very complex software web directory, and certainly there is a hidden problem. The good news is that most of these problems arise only in certain circumstances. But that does not mean your computer is free from problems. Third-party programs and devices can also cause problems, either naturally or because of not so compatible with software windows vista web directory.
There was a problem that was bothering you, but then mysteriously lost his own. Problems also tend to disappear when the IT people come to see it. Just like a motor problem we are lost when the mechanic came, computer problems are also often resolve on their own as an expert sitting in front of the keyboard. When this happens, most people just shook his head and continued his work, grateful to have been free of problems.
The best approach is to ask a series of questions intended to get the information required and / or to narrow the scope of the problem.
Is there any ERROR messages?
You may get error messages, but unfortunately most arcane error message and not much help in resolving the problem directly. But the message and error code can be a guide when looking for solutions in the database or provide information to support. Therefore, we must note the error message that appears in full.
If the message length and errornya we can still use other programs, do not have to bother bother taking notes. When an error message appears just press the button (print screen), then paste the image into paint or another drawing program, and save. If the image is about to be sent to support via email, save it in black and white format or 16-bit color, or if possible in JPEG format so that its size remained small. If an error message appears before the windows vista running, but you could not record it, press (pause break) to stop the startup. After noting errors press the [ctrl] + [pause break] to continue the startup.
Are there errors or warnings in the log event viewer?
Open event viewer and see the application and system logs. Look at the column level, whether there is an error or warning status. If not double click and read the caption.


Physically there is no significant difference of the two products. Except for the color, the previous product shiny white dominated. Meanwhile, Kohjinsha is predominantly black main mengkilap.Perbedaan between the Kohjinsha keeeduanya is already equipped with this optical drive optic.Drive not significantly increase the dimensions of such a weight.
For other specifications very similar to that used processor, chipset, graphics controller and the amount of RAM capacity is still the same. This makes the two products were performing relatively similar but slightly more rendah.demikian also use the system. Used Keyboard with 80 keys is easier to type. Although the size of a button with antartombol distance of about 12 mm. as well as the touchpad is smaller with an area of 40x25 mm, smaller than most of the touchpad on your notebook.
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