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"Today the Internet has become an inseparable part of modern human life. People living in big cities seem to have almost can not live without internet. Many have concentrated their activities in cyberspace, ranging from mere talk (chat), activities friendship (myspace, facebook, and sites other social networking sites), until the serious activities: email, document collaboration, and net meetings. "
Internet access is also more readily available and mushrooming everywhere. Not only access at work and home lives, the current location of the location of public facilities also provide Internet access through WiFi connection is better known as Hot Spot. more and more electronic devices also support wireless connectivity to the virtual world like this. Not only the laptop, this time various types of mobile phone also supports WiFi connectivity. Believe it or not there is even a pocket camera, game consoles and portable digital multimedia player that can take advantage of Internet connections in a variety of available Hot spot where where.
Building a Personal Internet Hot Spot.

Trend is growing with the needs of mobile internet connectivity at home. It was not his time anymore to sit quietly in front of computer screens for work and play. With the tendency internet access and various devices that are in all areas, modern society requires individual hot spots in their homes.
In contrast to what most people believe. The process of building a personal hot spot at home is not complicated and not too expensive. All it takes is a broadband Internet connection such as DSL or cable internet like Fastnet and a wireless router and quality affordable.
The speed, ease and beauty.
Remarkable speed of the Linksys wireless N broadband router making it ideal for media centric applications. such as video streaming, gaming and VoIP phone.


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